Taiyamo Denku ft. Royal Flush & J Hood – Push Back

Taiyamo Denku ft. Royal Flush & J-Hood - Push Back

Bringing in the New Year Milwaukee lyricist grabs veteran street bar smith Royal Flush and original D-Block member J Hood for a all out attack trash rappers letting them know if you push them to the edge then will push back with even harder force and bars.

This song came about when Taiyamo Denku and Australian producer Dcypha were finishing up some songs for the “No Industry Standard” album. Royal Flush at that time was in the studio with N.O.R.E. which almost made the song a Denku, Nore and Flush collaboration but Flush layed the verse.

Then Denku reached out to street emcee J Hood when he was working on his project with Big Twins of Infamous Mobb to see if he wanted to finish off the track and then once completed this masterful bar heavy song Push Back came to be.

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