Casscade Drops Live Rendition Of His Introspective Banger “Zoning”

Casscade - Zoning

Casscade is back with this new single titled “Zoning.”

After numerous radio support and a co-sign from Capital Xtra’s very own DJ Semtex, North West LDN rapper/songwriter Casscade returns with a prodigious live rendition of his latest offering ‘Zoning’. The original track was produced by Netherlands producer Lucky Keys who has previously worked with the likes of DMX and Nas.

Here we see Casscade display an impressive vocal performance and the song itself take on an entirely new identity from the original. The instrumentation adopts an orchestral feel that works hand in hand with the journey Casscade takes us on lyrically.

This stripped down version of Zoning really brings out the emotion, song writing and makes Casscade sound as if he he’s telling a chilling tale. He also isn’t alone. Towards the end of this live rendition he is joined by a small choir in red balaclava’s who look quite menacing at first, but add a major sense of serenity and ambience to the performance. The aesthetics fit the bill and actually make this an art piece.

Yoel Molina Law

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