Sa-Roc Puts On An Electrifying Show at Little Five Points’ Aisle 5

Sa-Roc Puts on an Electrifying Show at Little Five Points’ Aisle 5
Sa-Roc – Photos by Simo Haier

Rapper Sa-Roc came through Atlanta’s historic Little 5 Points district and delivered an emphatic performance at local go-to concert venue, Aisle 5.

Back in 2020, Hip-Hop artist Sa-Roc released The Sharecropper’s Daughter — an incredibly  potent album that quite possibly tops everything in her catalog. The album’s message and purpose combined with its showcasing of Sa-Roc’s supreme artistry show that she continues to produce at an elite level even after accomplishing so much throughout the years. Now, following The Sharecropper’s Daughter Tour in 2021, the DC-bred wordsmith is back outside and ready to deliver her raps live. Lucky for us, Sa-Roc chose to tap in with her avid Atlanta fanbase for her latest live performance at Aisle 5 in the historic Little Five Points neighborhood.

Hosted by staple Atlanta Hip-Hop host, Fort Knox, the show started off with performances from underground acts Ishues and Cambatta respectively. The 2 lyricists shared their enlightened ideologies by way of loquacious bars with Cambatta in particular shocking the crowd with some of his more debaucherous rhymes and warped wordplay to end his set.

Sa-Roc – Hand of God

Sa-Roc followed and proceeded to close out the show in a way that only she could. Dripping in elegance that radiated throughout the entire venue, Sa-Roc set the stage on fire in more ways than one. Her music, for starters, already had the audience ready to lose their cool, but her masterfully compelling performanceand entrancing stage presence further created a vibe that you could only get from a Sa-Roc live show.

If you missed out, be sure to grab tickets to Sa-Roc’s next live performance at the California Roots Festival on Friday May, 22nd in Monterrey, California.

Be sure to follow Sa-Roc at her official Instagram and Twitter pages to stay up to date on her latest moves.

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