Sonne Riley – Want Love

Sonne Riley debuts on SpitFireHipHop with “Want Love”.

It is hard to encapsulate an artist like Sonne in a few words. First off, he is only 19 and has an entire story ahead of him to create. It would be easy to define him simply as the sum total of his parts to date; a bi-polar mother with a drug habit who now lives on the streets, years of homelessness in Baltimore followed by CPS and foster homes, being forced to play the role of sole breadwinner for a large family at only 17 and so on.

It can certainly be stated with a fair amount of accuracy that those things have given Sonne an old soul and an understanding of life that is beyond his years but it goes far deeper than that. He has an innate talent. For songwriting. For storytelling. For exposing parts of himself that most don’t possess the introspection to even discover. Today’s offering, his first visual, was premiered by Singersroom and is an ode of sorts to Sonne’s mother, whom he only sees now at the odd bus stop or street corner. It is the first of many to come.

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