Understanding The Celebration: A Sit Down With Skyzoo & Shawn Setaro (Part 2)

Skyzoo continues with Part 2 of Understanding The Celebration with Shawn Setaro.

In Celebration of Us was significantly influenced by the birth of Skyzoo’s new (infant) son.  The impending birth drew Skyzoo back to his childhood and to recall his relationship with his own father; an admitted hustler, but a hustler who was always omnipresent in his life (their relationship is a major narrative on the new album). “The most important thing a black boy can have is his father.” “With so many things that are going on in our own country and around the world, looking the way we look and being who we are, I wanted this project to serve as a guidebook — something my son could always go back to.”

After a top 10 debut on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart, Skyzoo sat down with Complex’s (and The Cipher’s) Shawn Setaro at one of his favorite local establishments to break bread, sip coffee and discuss his new project at length.

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Skyzoo’s In Celebration of Us is now available for purchase and streaming at all digital platforms via First Generation Rich/EMPIRE.

Skyzoo’s In Celebration of Us at iTunes: https://bit.ly/InCelebrationOfUs

Tracklisting For Skyzoo’s ‘In Celebration of Us’:

  1. Everybody’s Fine (Produced by Arte Mitchell)
    2. Sound Like… (Produced by !llmind)
    3. Baker’s Dozen f. Raheem Devaughn (Produced by Apollo Brown)
  2. Crown Holder (Produced by !llmind)
    5. Heirlooms & Accessories (Produced by Tuamie)
    6. Forever In A Day (Produced by Marc Nfinit)
    7. Remembering The Rest (Interlude) f. WordsNCurves (Produced by Skyzoo)
    8. The Purpose f. Kay Cola (Produced by !llmind)
    9. Love is Love (Produced by Cardiak)
    10. Black Sambo (Produced by !llmind)
    11. Parks & Recreation f. Saba Abraha (Produced by !llmind)
    12. Collateral f. Jake&Papa (Produced by Marc Nfinit)
    13. The Stick-Up Tape From “Menace” (Produced by Ave. Prod)
    14. Hoodie SZN (Produced by Marc Nfinit)
    15. Honor Amongst Thieves (Produced by Serge Monstracity)


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