Ja Rule Says “Trump Is Not Invited To Use His New App.”

Ja Rule recently went live with Domenick Nati and talked about Trump suing his app.

Recently Ja Rule did an interview where he was asked about Donald Trump. The headline that was posted was a little misleading according to Ja Rule. It was said that Ja Rule would welcome Trump to use his the app.

His new ICONN App has a number of celebrities already utilizing it. He tells Domenick Nati that he did not encourage Donald Trump to join his new ICONN App and had this to say, “No! Trump is not invited to ICONN. Fuck out of here!”

With all of the hype around the Stock Market, Nati asked Ja Rule if he had a chance to get in on the GameStop upturn. He admits he learned stocks through Robinhood did not buy any GameStop stock but he bought Nokia and AMC.

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