Certain.Ones Discuss Brotherhood Among Members

Certain Ones Discuss Brotherhood Among Members

Certain.Ones discuss the brotherhood that exists among its members.

Being part of a group or collective can be daunting for the best of them. However, there are others who have no problem with this coordination. Certain.Ones discuss the brotherhood that exist within the collective and how each member brings his own special power to what Certain.Ones do.

Feral Serge describes what being part of the the collective means to him. The group members talk about coming together for shows and how they love creating with each other. Bobby Craves tells us that there are no egos within the collective and the brotherhood is stronger because of this.

Certain.Ones Drop “Pyramid Scheme” Feat. Feral Serge Bobby Craves MortxGrim Prod by DJ Evi Denz

When asked with Certain.Ones operates as a label as well, Bobby Craves says that Certain.Ones is more of a brand than a record label. You should expect several videos from their “Aura” album and more exclusives that we are sure to cover. Be sure to check their new “Pyramid Scheme” exclusively on SpitFireHipHop.com.

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