Lexy Panterra Releases “Booty On Her” Feat. Trina

Lexy Panterra - “Booty On Her” Ft. Trina
Lexy Panterra – “Booty On Her” Ft. Trina

Today recording artist Lexy Panterra drops “Booty On Her” featuring legendary Florida rapper Trina. Most know Lexy Panterra as a larger-than-life online personality with a loyal fan base of over 9 million followers reaching an impressive 500 million views and 1 billion impressions across platforms, but her music is taking off with a rabid following of supporters and fans.

As an international singer, songwriter, actress and dancer Lexy Panterra collaborated with powerhouses DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Marshmello, Louis Bell, Lil Yachty, Shaun Frank and Prologic to name a few. But now is her time to shine after her singles “Where Do You Go” and “More Than You” both charted on Billboard’s Top 100.

Rolling with the momentum of her supporters, Lexy Panterra‘s “Booty On Her” featuring Trina is a certified “Summer baddie anthem” according to Lexy. Featuring an infectious chorus, a catchy drum beat, and hard-hitting verses by Lexy Panterra, aka “Virgin Lex” and the original baddie herself, Trina, the “Diamond Princess,” this song is the perfect mid-Summer release for parties, clubs and kickbacks.

“I got this fire ass record and I was like, this is definitely a song I want to do because of the whole workout booty record thing. Like I am the queen of the booty shaking music so I was like I’m just going to make a record, that is not someone else’s music and that way I get to promote my own music and do my own dance to my own song.  So Booty on Me was born and then I was like, damn I need a feature,” Lexy Panterra explained. 

The song was produced by Matt Nadler and Dutra of Murda Beatz and will be accompanied with an official video set for release August 27. The visual, which was filmed in Miami and brings an energy unmatched by most videos on the market, shows Lexy Panterra and Trina being Summer Baddies with a beautiful Miami backdrop. 

“I hit up my booking agent Dolla and he knew Trina. He was like, she would be really dope on that record. So that’s when we did the collaboration. I went to Miami, shot the music video, met her and all that and it was great, became really cool and I’m going to see her again in Miami this month, which I am excited about to promote the record a bit. I came up with the idea for a music video and we just got it done and then Maxim came around and I was like, I want her on the cover because I want to push this record so I want to make sure that she is on the cover with me.”

In addition to “Booty on Me” featuring Trina, on (July 23rd) she will perform at Summer Unlocked festival in LA, which will serve as the kick off to a string of performances that will carry her through the remainder of the year, including a tour with the rap legend Trina herself in October.

The single comes to us off of her long-awaited album which is set to release at the year’s end titled Money, Sex And Love Songs.

The album will display Lexy’s versatility as a true musician, including a mix of hits from “Virgin Lex,” Lexy Panterra’s fun and care-free alter ego, who is responsible for the more upbeat, fun, Hip-Hop songs, as well as ballads from Lexy Panterra herself. Displaying her chops as a singer in acoustic form, a side not enough people know about her yet, Lexy Panterra is eager for fans to hear more of her music. 

In addition to music, Lexy Panterra has immersed herself in the world of podcasting with her podcast called, Baddie Vibes. 

“We talk about everything from relationship to business moves. I mean, just gossip, everything you know. We just conversate and if you are interested in my brand, you know, that is something to look into and as to what makes a baddie and a hot girl and a boss and all that, all those good things. I think and talk about a lot of relationship topics because I write a lot of music about my like relationships, it is usually based on that. And you will find some juicy stuff I come out with, I think I have interesting topics on relationships” Lexy Panterra said. 

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