NFL Star Marquette King Releases Bouncy New Single ‘I Can Kick A Ball’

Famed for his time as an NFL player Arizona-Based Marquette King, continues his venture into the music industry with the infectious new single ‘I Can Kick A Ball’.

Known for his prowess on the football field, having played for both the Oakland Raiders and the Denvor Broncos NFL, King still continues his professional Football career now playing in the XFL. Having spent considerable time on the football field, King discovered the profound need for expression and release, which led him to explore various artistic outlets, including songwriting, acting, and sound engineering.

Seamlessly transitioned into the realm of music, leveraging his passion for sound and expression, over the past several years, Marquette King has dedicated himself to refining his avant-garde approach to music production. His unique vision encompasses a marriage of different contemporary genres, blending his love for Hip-hop, Pop, 80s synths and R&B with EDM and House influences into a cohesive and commercially viable sound. 

The new single ‘I Can Kick A Ball’ see’s King reflect on his talents, achievements over a vibrant Pop-Hop backdrop. Bright synths, a punching beat, subtle guitar lines and pulsing bass create a driving soundscape for King’s infectiously catchy chorus and tight flow through the verse. 

Speaking on the track, King explains: “Kicking a ball I feel like is basically a message to an individual that sometimes you have a talent that you can naturally do and love it. Sometimes you can’t explain how or why you’re so good at it but just own the fact that you’re good at it and maximise how great you can be at it.”

Marquette King’s foray into the music scene represents a departure from the norm, as he fearlessly pushes the boundaries of genre-breaking music. With a mass following on social media and hundreds of thousands of streams across DSPs, King has a feverish following ready and waiting to hear more of his innovative songwriting. 

Yoel Molina Law

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