Mark Steele – So Long

Mark Steele rides his mongoose bike and tells a story in his new “So Long” video.

On the heels of the recent release of his introspective sophomore album Almost Time, North Caroline emcee Mark Steele shares the official music video for the definitive album standout “So Long.”
‘”So Long’ was the first song we recorded for ‘Almost Time.’  Soon as Mv Riot played it for me, I know this was how I wanted to start the album. The first verse’s inspiration was drawn from how people treated me right after ‘Greatness‘ blew up. I would see random people at the store or comments online and they’d say ‘You close, you ’bout to make it big!’ But honestly I couldn’t see it the same way they saw it at first because my life didn’t drastically change immediately, like I always envisioned. The second verse was inspired by the thought of what it would truly be like when I do finally ‘make it big.’ The uncertainty of what’s really ahead. A third person introspective pitch, almost warning myself about things I need to watch out for. After the song was finished, the title of the album was created; we knew it was ‘Almost Time.'” - Mark Steele  

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